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Runnin' With Scissors

September 30th, 2005.jpg

One year after the Ironman Group was formed, we decided to change our image. Comedians at Mississippi State needed a sharp new name for the mid 2000's. Something edgy.

Thus, in the summer of 2004, we decided on the name:


Runnin’ With Scissors

These were our adorable years. We wanted to focus on adding sketch comedy to our established shortform improv style.

This meant a ton of props, costumes, new games and various other styles. As a theatrical group, we tested the waters and found what stuck.

RWS members performing this zesty format finally started caring about publicity. They created play-bills, posters, and pre-YouTube videos.

Most of the content they created has been lost among early flash-based websites, but they revolutionized comedy at Mississippi State. Their work turned curious college kids into a ravenous fanbase hungry for comedy.

It was during this era that the group first began doing shows on the McComas Main Stage- a lofty goal that finally reached reality. They hosted larger events on the main stage and had consistent sellouts of the McComas Lab Theater. Runnin’ With Scissors set the stage for major developments that would impact Lab Rats Comedy.

RWS Alumni:

  • Alston Avritt

  • Andrew Anderson

  • Ashley Noblitt Sparks

  • Brandon Morris

  • Christine Taylor

  • Courtnay Greer

  • Cristina Kinney

  • Deanna Dye

  • Derek Russell

  • Joe Johnson

  • Kathleen Maher

  • Lindsay Cacamo

  • Mallory Violette

  • Marcus Daniels

  • Mary Flanagan

  • Simone Cotrell

RWS 2006 Reveille.jpg

Snippet from The Reveille -2006

RWS News.png
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October 13th, 2006.jpg
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