Lab Rats Comedy is Mississippi State University's one and only improv troupe.

We've been around since 2003, and we still perform at least one show per month each semester. Our members are passionate about comedy and entertainment, & we love making each other laugh and putting on a good show.


Lab Rats Comedy is a "revolving-door" troupe, as we add and lose members every college semester. That being said, we host auditions for the troupe at the beginning of each semester. If you don't feel comfortable jumping straight in to an audition, hey, we feel you. That's why we also host free weekly workshops for people with little or no improv/performance experience.

You can find more info about these workshops, auditions, and our other event dates, on the Event Schedule.

Come on out to a show. You'll laugh, you'll cry (if you laugh hard enough), and maybe you'll have as much fun as we do. Bring all your friends. Or even some of your friends.

We also really love La Ta. Seriously we eat at La Terrazza all the time. We aren't sponsored by the Starkville Mexican restaurant La Terrazza, but if any La Terrazza, Authentic Mexican Cuisine™ execs are reading, labratscomedy@gmail.com.





The Lab Rats

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