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The Ironman Group

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Before Lab Rats Comedy became the resident comedic geniuses at Mississippi State, we were known by another name.

A totally non-copyright infringing name.


The Ironman Repertory Company

Yeah, we don't understand it either.

Our comedic fore-fathers gave birth to this great comedy union on the Mississippi State campus in Spring 2003

You have to remember that this was an era of strange advancements in culture and technology. Cell-phones flipped and could barely run "Snake". The Internet without wires? What a novel concept. They had no way of knowing that cars, skateboards, and cigarettes would soon become electric.

Members of the Ironman group took the Whose Line is it Anyway format, added local flavor, and ran with it.

Their first show was in the Union’s Dawg House in the Spring of 2003.

They moved on to the “Bar Hop Tour” of 2004. It consisted of shows at Rick’s Cafe, the Hunt Club and Polliwogs.

In 2004, they changed their name to Runnin' with Scissors.

Equally as confusing, but we have no desire to judge college kids from the early 2000's.

All members of Lab Rats Comedy appreciate the hard work and dedication provided by our founding members. We thank them for their time that they sacrificed playing the PS2 or browsing Myspace.


Ironman Alumni:

  • B.J. Webb

  • Brad Bishop

  • Caleb Weaver

  • James Eison

  • Jo Shaw

  • Kendrick Vivians

  • Matt Stringer

  • Sam “Walker” Hamburg

  • Sean Wainwright

  • Vaughan Shearer

  • Wes Johnson

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