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We're old.

The Lab Rats Comedy tradition has been passed down from centuries  of ancient theater arts training and mystic Oktibbeha shaman gurus.

Ok, maybe not, but we are pretty historic. In fact, Lab Rats Comedy is the third incarnation of a group that has been performing on the Mississippi State campus since Spring 2003. 


The Ironman Group

Our story begins with the initial troupe: The Ironman Repertory Company. Typified by an anti-establishment attitude and experimental style, members of Ironman took the Whose Line is it Anyway format, added local flavor, and ran with it.

Their first show was in the Union’s Dawg House in the Spring of 2003. They moved on to the “Bar Hop Tour” of 2004. It consisted of shows at Rick’s Cafe, the Hunt Club and Polliwogs. Ironman Improv set the stage, building the popularity our group would enjoy in our next form, Runnin’ With Scissors.


Runnin’ With Scissors

In the summer of 2004, we changed our name. It changed with the addition of sketch comedy to our established shortform improv style.

This zesty format, coupled with an actual approach toward publicity, revolutionized comedy at Mississippi State. It turned curious visitors at shows into a vivacious, swelling fanbase hungry for RWS comedy.

It was during this era that the group first began doing shows on the McComas Main Stage- a lofty goal that finally reached reality. From the larger events on the main stage to the now consistent sellouts of the McComas Lab Theater, Runnin’ With Scissors set the stage for new major developments that would impact Lab Rats Comedy.


Lab Rats Comedy

The resident comedic geniuses at Mississippi State.

We are the current rendition of Mississippi State University's improv troupe. Our name has been the same since May of 2006.

We started out and mainly perform in the lab theatre of McComas hall. Starbal, our adorable mascot, was created in 2007.

Since then,
we've grown into the powerhouse of professional pretenders you see before you. Ironman helped lay the foundation, Runnin’ With Scissors built the fan base, and now Lab Rats is rocking the faces!

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