Meet The Lab Rats

Spring 2022


Preselie Cowley

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I've been told I look like Tia & Tamara's knockoff sister, Tammy. I have very small hands. Once I went to the ER because I tried to cook. So what I'm lactose intolerant. You think that's gonna stop me from eating 12 bowls of cereal a day?


Angeliki Efantis

 Bird enthusiast from Washington D.C, also enjoys making people laugh.


Josh Hamann

Hi it's me, your dad.

Sexy Canoe Man_edited.png

David Hintz

Shortform Director

Contrary to popular belief, David is in fact not an animatronic built for the sole purpose of improv comedy. He is indeed a human who enjoys things many other humans do, like going hiking, canoeing, playing guitar, and routinely changing his oil.

Sage Kersting_edited.jpg

Sage Kersting

I’m in improv comedy and I’m an interior design major, so I may not know the warm touch of a woman, but at least I know the height of a door.


Keegan Lindsey

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Actual Communist.

William Lindsey (2)_edited.jpg

William Lindsey

William Lindsey does not like bios or the web editor.


Barnes Locke

Wanted for crimes against comedy in three states and the territory of American Samoa. He’ll steal your heart, your shoes, and that funny little bobble-head you keep on your nightstand. Don’t have one? That’s because he got to it before you could. If spotted, alert the comedy police immediately and restrain him with hugs and kisses — otherwise, he may become too powerful and steal your nightstand, too.

Kala Morris_edited.jpg

Kala Morris

Was once funny but siphoned it off into the other Lab Rats for the good of the troupe. Unfortunately it did not change much.

Built like an NFL linebacker in form and function. Catch me in the Commons fishing for the 2-person T-Rex mount.


Collin Newton

House Manager

Part 2

In search of my next button to press.


Daniel Nicholson

Yogurt Guy

It’s great to see you, you look great. I’ve missed you. Sorry if that’s a dumb thing to say, I just. Well I have missed you. Please stop running away I’m trying to connect with you.


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Zack Peppers.jpg

Zack Peppers

Web Editor

Somedays I'm stuck between a rock and another rock.

Liz Podraza_edited.jpg

Liz Podraza

 Technical Director

Second funniest woman in Lab Rats.


Susie June Hunt

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much like a fine wine, i was stomped on and left in a barrel until maturation.

Tyler Kneiss.jpeg

Tyler Kneiss

I was coerced into this group and now I'm stuck forever


Jeremiah (Snapple) Joswick

Sketch Director

Snapple became a photographer so that he could take self-portraits to convince himself he is cuter than everyone else. Unfortunately, JR and Daniel exist so Snapple still feels insignificant.

Chase Quinton_edited.jpg

Chase Quinton

Chase requested that his bio only contain the words "among us."


Makayla Smith

House Manager

Part 1

Funniest non-performing member of Lab Rats.

Katie Snell.JPG

Katie Snell

Born to be funny, forced to be a Lab Rat.


Taylor Barr

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In respondence to his honor Chief Judge Thomas W. Thrash Jr., Taylor Barr acknowledges that he is disbarred from performing any sort of comedy, but must politely decline any form of sentencing.

Ryan Birdman_edited.jpg

Ryan Bergman

Longform Director

I have foreseen that the day will come,
when our freedom isn't held by their thumbs.
They promised us food, that they wouldn't stray.
Forget Little Caesars, it's a Papa Johns day.
But behind the kind and happy walls,
Power leaks off grimy halls.
Old hats speak of limiting shows,
if their forsaken members don't make bios.
Also, I play the cello.

Corin Davis (2)_edited.jpg

Corin Davis

World record holder for world’s stickiest man alive.


Zabien Wingo

I have set out to avenge my fallen clan, but I left my spoon at home.