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We've been doing this for ages.


As a troupe, we began in Spring 2003.

We started creating flyers for our shows around 2005.
Possibly before then, but we're not archaeologists.

Some have been lost to time, but our brilliant Web Editor has managed to track down a good number of them. We thank him for his sacrificed weekend.

Feel free to take a look at our history.
We love doing it and we're sure you will too.

September 30th, 2005.jpg
April 8th 2008.jpg
October 18th 2011.png
September 26th 2014.jpg
October 27th 2017.jpg
SECF 2006.jpg
April 27th, 2007.jpg
April 17th 2009.jpg

This is our white whale.
We have no posters from this year.

February 10th 2012.jpg
September 6th, 2013.jpg
January 23rd, 2015.jpg
April 8th 2016.jpg
March 2nd, 2018.jpg
October 25th, 2019.jpg
October 13th, 2006.jpg
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