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The Ironman Group

in the Press

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Lab Rats Comedy was created on the Mississippi State Campus in 2003, forming under the name:


The Ironman Repertory Company

Our formation instantly led to (local) fame and prestige.

Our historic campus newspaper, The Reflector, quickly found out about our comedic plans and covered our rise to stardom.

Feel free to read about our group's history, exploits, and incredible origin story.

It's a much better origin story than an alcoholic comic-book character.

February 25th, 2003 : Improv troupe performs at Dawg House

March 25th, 2003 : Improvisational Comedy group offers fresh twist on timeless idea

September 16th, 2003 : Campus comedy group ventures into the risque

January 16th, 2004 : Comedy group prepares for new year

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