Gone, but not forgotten


Conner Booth Fall Semester Spring '16


Final Semester Spring '17 Laurel Marsh

Hey hey hey, my name's Laurel Morgan Miller Marsh. I like Ultimate frisbee, sustainable development research, and apparently improv. I have loose ankles and own a herd of cattle while studying Aerospace Engineering for the third year at MSU. When I'm not chilling with my improv buddies, I enjoy running outside, climbing on rocks, and skipping in creeks and through woods.


Mitchell Bentley Final Semester Spring '17

There once was a man, named Jim, that loved to cook. He would go to the farmers market every morning to get supplies. One day he found a very interesting fellow. This fellow was none other than John. They both liked rabbits and would often skydive together. That was until they learned of a goat that would yell at them. Anyway... I'm super excited to be in Labrats!


Final Semester Spring '17 Taylor Bush

Taylor Bush is a real bad dude. He makes bad decisions, gets bad haircuts, and does bad improv. But you know, sometimes, it's okay to be bad, and he hopes you can find some entertainment in him despite his inherent badness.


Brittany Roberts Final Semester Fall '16

Britt, Brittles, Brittany.

Forever Weeb Queen.

Aspiring Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and human being.

Tends to say phrases such as "cool beans" and "neato burrito" despite them being super lame.


Final Semester Spring '16 Madeline Galligan

From the land of ice and snow, this Minnesota Lady is here to shake up the south. She’s a Secondary Education Major focusing on a future career teaching Mathematics! But don’t mistake this math girl for only numbers; her real passions include painting, drawing, writing, singing, and modeling! She hopes to bring on smiles and laughter to make your stomach hurt!

She may be a little qwerky, but give it a chance. It grows on ya.

PS. Don’t be alarmed by the girl dancing on the drill field.


Parla Hoelter Final Semester Spring '16

Parla enjoys many things in life. Now she’s going to list some:

Her cat Milo, strong coffee, hair dye, chemical engineering, everything pumpkin spice related, owning cardigans, hugging Milo, wearing high-waisted pants, being Matthew Hoelter’s sister, playing with Milo, calculator watches, doing impressions, using power tools, being from Memphis, talking in third person, making lists and doing improv with her fellow labrats. Her goals include making the perfect winged eyeliner and hoping you come to a show.



Final Semester Spring '16 Mitchell Winstead

Age: unknown

Species: unknown

Habitat: Reclusive, rarely seen during the day. Likes small, dim rooms.

Average lifespan: forever (so far)

Likes: Oreos, blankets, and adverbs

Fun fact: Was attacked by a koala once.


Charlie Celis Final Semester Spring '16

Raised by a long line of peaceful White Mages from a distant land beyond the mysterious Pacific, Charlie flowered into a rebel to the family legacy. He hungered for darkness. Burdened by the kaleidoscopic vision of an artist, the acute engenuity of an engineer, and a general positive outlook on life, he began to dabble in the dark crafts in order to find the elixir for immortality. The closest he's been to the formula is a cup full of his concoction: two scoops of Blue Bell French Vanilla Ice Cream topped by two scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream, another scoop of Vanilla, and a HUGE dollop of Nutella, rounded by 5 small coconut cookies of a brand Walmart no longer carries. His greatest weakness is people sneezing in moving vehicles.


Final Semester Fall '15 Courtney Clark

Just a wildlife major that is obnoxiously obsessed with Star Wars and sleeps most of her life away. I enjoy rabbits, spongebob references, hotel pillows, hugging everyone's dog, pizza, pizza-related things, and the good kind of music. I am destined to be the next (but actually talented) Fergie. Check out my mixtape.


Ernesto Soriano Final Semester Spring '15

From the outskirts of small village in Guerrero, Mexico, a small Mexican woman birthed a young boy with tanned skin, as if it were kissed by the sun, with a full head of hair. Little is known what happened to this boy. Rumors are his species name is Ernesto living in Dallas, Texas while taking temporary residency in Starkville. He can be lured with literature, caffeine and The Head and The Heart. He has little prejudice and has no filter with his native tongue. CAUTION: Tread lightly near this creature, he startles easily.


Final semester Spring '15 Taylor Doherty

Taylor's bio goes here because he needs to edit it because he is no longer a sophomore.



Brandon McAninch Final semester Spring '15

Brandon is a senior Communication major with emphasis in broadcasting and theatre. Brandon has many aspirations that he totally hopes to achieve one day like writing for a sitcom or working in cinema. After Graduation, he hopes to live/work somewhere really cool that, if you saw him at a high school reunion and asked “so what are you doing these days?” and he told you, you go “man, that’s really cool. I wish I was that cool.” Founding member of many bands that you’ve never heard of.



Final semester Spring '15 Tom Lyver

Hey, I'm Tom! You may never see me during shows, but I'm the the shadows. Making sure those rats are well lit so you can their beautiful faces. I'm the lab rats technical director. It's a great role! I get to be a part of a great group and never have to show off my terrible improv skills. I mainly work on lighting and on occasion the sketches. You may have seen some of my work as the great SUPER SENIOR! Anyways I've been a part of lab rats comedy for going on three years now and boy is this last year gonna be great for me.


Jay Martin Final semester Spring '15

Al Roker is my spirit animal.


Final semester Spring '15 Miranda Dempewolf

Born on the rocky shores of somewhere else, Miranda's life has been spent in hot pursuit of delicious cheese dips and wicked B horror movies. She wishes there were about six extra hours in the day (all of which would be used for sleeping or improvising). Like many other people, she's only part human.


Allie RingFinal semester Spring '15

Being from Chicago, she is vocALLIE louder than most humans. Also, she is abnormALLIE taller than the average woman. Allie is usually emotionALLIE unstable, and you should approach her with caution. As a theatre major, her life goal is unsurprisingALLIE is to be famous and be universALLIE loved by all. GraduALLIE she gets easier to tolerate. I wish you the best of luck during your encounter.



Final semester Spring '15 Victoria Stein

Victoria Stein is a sophmore from the Toughburg (aka Dirtyburg aka Hattiesburg, MS). Talking to people comes natural to her. Shoot, she could most likely talk to a wall if you let her. She loves talking so much that her major is Communications. She loves chicken and can sometimes be one. She just joined Lab Rats in September 2011, and loves every second of it. These people are by far the most hilarious people she’s ever come in contact with, just saying. She enjoys life, liberty, and family. Want to know more? Well, follow her on twitter



TJ VaughtFinal semester Spring '15

In the grim darkness of the beginning, there was only TJ. Feeding off of cosmic energies he coalesced into the form of a human, and out of his benevolence he spared the human race and decided to live among us. His purpose is unknown, but it is suspected that he acts in the best interest of mankind. In his deathless state, he continues his eternal vigilance and he brings laughter in mighty waves simply as a manifestation of his will. Only time will tell what his motivations truly are, but for now we can only try to keep up.


Final semester Spring '15 Maura Worch

Roses are red, violets are blue, hi this is Maura, and I'm rhyming for you.

I am an art major, Graphic Design to be exact, I love doing improv, and that is a fact. This is my bio poem, I really can't rhyme, I hope this was enough for you, cause I'm out time. *jazz hands*



John Maloney Final semester Fall '14

John is an adventurer who spends his days traveling with his pet lion, Lil Mane, and his trusty bear steed, Frank. John enjoys going to African safaris and buying bigger and bigger guns. John is also a poacher that exclusively hunts endangered species. On the weekends John likes to club baby seals, bomb gorilla habitats, teach abstinence to pandas, and walk around his house in his siberian tiger skins. John frequently donates to Wildlife, earths endangered, and for the same reasons that fishermen stock ponds.


Final semester Fall '14 Aaron Buchanan

These aren't my natural eyebrows.



Tyler Howard Final semester Fall '14

The unctuous prevaricator, Tyler Howard is mildly radioactive and feels he is defined by his minimal Asian heritage. Sinceriously sweaty and likes martial arts.


Final semester Spring '14 Ben Bailey

Ben is a senior International Business student from Starkville, Mississippi. He has been a member of Lab Rats Comedy since the spring of 2010. Ben enjoys films, video production, photography, running, food, laughter, and the occasional trip down memory lane.

He is also renowned for going to Europe and attending a whiskey tasting.


Craig Ellis Final semester Spring '14

Craig was born in the small, sleepy town called Columbia in Mississippi. After 18 years of living, he was moved to the town of Starkville to major in Software Engineering. He enjoys the thrill of video games and playing music, mainly guitar, keyboard, and the trombone. In his spare time, he playswith his dogs Dodger and Dixie, and enjoys acting in plays. His favorite food is bread and favorite drink is water. His most enjoyed game is Change.



Final semester Spring '14 Becca Keith

Becca Keith is a senior majoring in Marketing with a History minor. she wants to be a corporate fancy-pants with the Walt Disney company when she grows up. She is from the tropical Mississippi Gulf Coast where the sun shines and the birds sing. Becca loves the theatre and enjoys both scripted and non-scripted performances. She joined Lab Rats in the spring of 2011 and has never looked back. Becca appreciates funny internet pictures, movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and beignets from Cafe du Monde. In addition, she would like everyone to know that she has an affinity for gourmet cupcakes and never turns them down.


Joseph KnightFinal semester Spring '14

This is the same photo that appears on the inside cover slip of my soon to be re-released romance novel.


Final semester Spring '14 Michaela Moore

Michaela is a sophomore double major in Public Relations and Vocal Performance from Biloxi, MS. She likes to make velociraptor noises. And sing/dance/act/improvise… I guess. She has the intention of one day perfecting the art of time travel, so she may contact her only great-grandson and warn him that, no, he should not see that fourth remake of Twilight that is coming out.



Jordan Smith Final semester Fall '13

Hey guys, my name is Jordan Smith. I'm a junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics. I'm from Longview, Texas. No, I don't own a horse, nor did I ride one to school. I despise country music. I'm in the Honors college here at State. I'm a minimalist. I like swimming and all sorts of water activities. Sorry ladies, I'm taken.


Final semester Fall '13 Derrell Staten

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Not Derrell's bio.


Luke Vincent Final semester Fall '13

Matt, where do I send my bio?


Final semester Spring '13 Jacob Owens

So, that guy over there is Jacob Owens. He's a pretty neat guy. He is from Booneville, Mississippi and is anxious to never return. He's a 4th-year architecture student. He's very happy to have joined LabRats and couldn't ask for a better way to spend what little free time he has than making others laugh. Talking in 3rd-person is weird. I love you.



David Bupp Final semester Spring '13

Hello, viewers of this page, look at the bio above, now back to me, now back at the bio, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but don't fret for I am me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a webpage. What’s in your hand, a mouse? Anything is possible when your laughing so hard milk is spilling from your nose. Look left now right, anyone there? Good, now I can let you know of personal things like how I saved a dolphin on the coast of Spain from life long depression or I once killed a man just to say it was an accident or even that im a guy from Sarasota Florida whos major is computer science and joined Lab Rats in Spring of 2011. However, only one of those is true and the other false... find out which on my twitter.



Final semester Spring '13 Maurice Duplantis

My name is Maurice Joseph Duplantis IV. My birthday is 03/15/1991. Due to a lack of interesting information about me here is some inspiration.



Wendy Morell Final semester Spring '13

Wendy Morell is a third year student majoring in communication with a concentration in theatre. She is from Slidell, Louisiana, and she has red hair. She especially enjoys red skittles because the other colors seem inadequate in the presence of reds. She received a very important letter on her 11th birthday that somewhat sets her apart from other students at Mississippi State. She has been involved in over fifty theatrical productions in a myriad of capacities including performer, director, choreographer, assistant director, stage manager, running crew and technical crew. She has been in Lab Rats since Spring 2010, and she likes the people in it. And she likes the people who come to see the shows. She doesn't hold her pencil the "correct" way, and people think she says "crayon" incorrectly. Wendy plans on pursuing a law degree in entertainment and music law.



Final semester Spring '13 Bahaa Awad

Hello, my name is Bahaa Awad and I'm a senior at Mississippi State University. I've been in Mississippi most of my life, graduating high school from Tupelo. I enjoy running, soccer, a great book as well as sometimes a great video game. I love doing improv and have been in LabRats for some time. It's pretty dang exciting.



Hannah Proctor Final semester Spring '13

Hannah joined LabRats Comedy in Spring 2009. She took the traditional route of earning a bachelors in English before pursuing a career in nursing. She enjoys vegetables, Halloween, and sketching unsuspecting strangers.


Final semester Spring '13 Matthew Hoelter

Now, this is the bio all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there , I’ll tell you about how I became part of LabRats/Computer Engineering/theatre. In New Orleans/Memphis, born and raised, moved to State, where I spend most of my days. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and doin’ some scenes instead of doing school. When a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my imagined neighborhood. I got in one little staged fight, and my director got scared and yelled “MATT, STOP PULLING OUT A GUN IN EVERY SCENE.” Well I whistled for a cab and when it came near, my scene partner yelled “Hey, don’t leave me here!” If anything I can say that that game was rare, but I said ‘Man, forget it – ‘Yo homes, you’re a bear!’ I finished up in the Lab around seven or eight and I yelled to my partner ‘Hey man, sorry to negate’. I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on a block, and be that kid with lots of hair.



Charlie Anderton Final semester Spring '13

Charlie Anderton is a graduate student in Aerospace Engineering currently pursing his Masters. He enjoys longform improvisation the most and likes the freedom it's brings.

Trained from Chicago, New York, and Atlanta, Charlie would like to continue his improv studies after grad school in Chicago at the iO Theater.

Favorite game: Handbag or Gauntlet Change.

Favorite improviser: TJ Jagadowski


Final semester Fall '12 Patrick McFadyen

Patrick is a senior in Computer Science. He has been in the troupe since 2008. His favorite game is sitting backstage and running lights.


Chris Roland Final semester Spring '12

Christopher Roland is a Senior Communication major with an emphasis in Broadcasting from Meridian, MS. As a newcomer to Lab Rats in 2010, Chris saw improv as an outlet to fuel his interest in performing arts. For Chris, being a somewhat awkward and shameless performer, he quickly advanced through the ranks becoming head director in only his 3rd season with the comedy troupe. Since getting involved with the MSU Communications Department Chris has participated in many roles including crew, talent and director. While becoming more and more of a nerd everyday, Chris is constantly learning and improving on his art. He hopes to one-day work in the film industry as an actor, editor, writer, director, producer or all of the above. Chris loves soccer, catchy music, cheesy one-liners, French toast, podcasts, and is totally gay for the Green Bay Packers.



Final semester Spring '12 Justin Glover

Favorite Name: Justin Glover

Favorite Home State: Alabama

Favorite Year I Joined Lab Rats: 2007

Favorite Major: International Business - Marketing and Spanish

Favorite Beverage: Sweet Tea

Favorite Personal Height: 6'3"

Favorite Quote: "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." (Albus Dumbledore in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)



Robbie Henry Final semester Spring '12

Robbie Henry is a senior history major at MSU. She has been in Lab Rats for four years participating in shortform, longform, and sketch. She loves cats, Gary Busey, and tacos.



Final semester Spring '12 Rachel Perkins

Rachel Claire Perkins is a senior English major with an affinity for cheesecake, haikus, and rap music. When she's not sleeping through Lab Rats practice, she can be found playing tambourine by herself and chasing cats through parking lots. Rachel can't snap her fingers or whistle, so don't bring that up. Rachel thinks she's funny but that's because she's drunk.



Sarah Porter Final semester Spring '12

Sarah Dawn Porter is a bona fide thugalicious O.G. born and raised in the hood of Saltillo Mississippi. She don’t take no crap, so don’t step to her. She is a senior majoring in communications and spends her days writing research papers, designing brochures, and intimidating people. Sarah recently expanded her posse by joining Lab Rats in the spring of 2011. She’s got that stupid swag and enjoys watching the discovery channel, reading, improving, and doing hood rat stuff with her friends. She appreciates thrift store t-shirts, vegetables, and all types of music. She is absolutely obsessed with and addicted to fingernail polish. If you know of any support groups please let her know.


Lab Rats Comedy is Mississippi State University's one and only improvisational troupe!

Over 10 years old, Lab Rats Comedy still performs at least one show per month each semester.

You'll laugh, you'll cry (if you laugh hard enough), and you'll be happy all night. Bring all your friends. Or even some of your friends.