Adam Runnels Shortform Director

Hi! My name's Adam, and I'm a bipedal mammal from Petal, MS. I love eating crawfish but only when they're dead. I love meeting people but only if they're alive. Mechanical Engineering is my major but Hip-Hop is my destiny. These are some facts about me for you to enjoy in whichever way you see fit.


Longform & Head Director Sam Gibson

Hailing from the friendly city of Petal, MS, sophomore Sam Gibson is the Golden Triangle's answer to "What if Jennifer Lawrence and the concept of fast food had a baby?"


Brock St. Clair Sketch Director

It's not that easy being a tall, white, heterosexual, American man. Follow me on twitter for more relatable thoughts.


Mary Bess!

Technical Director Mary Bess Nicholson

Sassy and sarcastic with a little bit of theatre thrown in there is a perfect way to describe Mary Bess. She may end up studying at MSU forever but Mary prays to the Starbal god every day to keep Starkville weird so at least her stay is never dull.


Tee Richard Asst. Tech Director

You can call me Tee. I'm either 12 or 20. I'm from a small town with a population of 539 and dropping. I talk a little, laugh a lot, and dance when no one is looking. Yes, I am small.....please refrain from lifting me.


Luke Lutz Public Relations

I've been told I look like the fish from Shark Tale; unfortunately I'm not played by Will Smith.


Public Relations Mia Scheider

Mia Scheider is 5 feet tall and afraid of most things. She listens almost exclusively to K-Pop and 80's pop and is painfully aware that she is the personification of bad taste in music. She has a passion for painting, performing, and dressing up as anime characters. Her ultimate goal in life is for people to look at her and think, "She probably bleeds pink glitter."


Andrew Collins

Andrew’s passionately indecisive about most things like what to put in this bio. He really loves Disney and all associated affiliates and alliteration. He quests to befriend all organisms and listen to sweet jams but is easily distracted by side quests such as “trying local food scenes” or “getting a job”. Prefers hot tea and cold coffee. Usually wears Converse. Most likely will talk to your parents. May or may not live in Savannah, GA. May or (Aunt) May not be Spider-Man.



Robert Loper

Robert- He's a senior in the biomedical engineering stuff. He's from the giant, crowded Tylertown MS. He is working to one day heal all the animals as a veterinarian! "I don't like rats, but there's not much else I don't like. The problem with rats is they have no fear of human beings, they're loaded with foul diseases, they would run the place given half the chance, and I've had them leap out of a lavatory while I've been sitting on it." - David Attenborough


Marcus King

Marcus King 21 meteorologist sophomore/junior kinda (the fact that I'm in school is what's important) a lot of people tell me I'm the funniest one in the troupe but that's pretty easy considering I'm the only funny one here.


Chris Steere

T H I C C.


Sabrina Boswell

Ryan Gosling is very good in the movies Drive, The Nice Guys and La La Land.


Jonathan Smith

A guy, with varying levels of Afro, likes animals and nature; if I had to pick a natural habitat, I'd pick a swamp, because most of my favorite things in nature live there. Oh, and I draw/sketch, a lot, and sometimes act like an animal or a stereotypical preacher during practice.


Sara Kirkpatrick

When I describe myself to old family members I say I'm an English/Spanish double major minoring in linguistics. I also tell them I'm hoping to pursue a law degree in Chicago one day. I'd say that here, too, but I feel like that really overhypes me as a person given that my last three meals have been bagged popcorn and the last time I face timed someone it was so I could talk to my cat.

Lab Rats Comedy is Mississippi State University's one and only improvisational troupe!

Over 10 years old, Lab Rats Comedy still performs at least one show per month each semester.

You'll laugh, you'll cry (if you laugh hard enough), and you'll be happy all night. Bring all your friends. Or even some of your friends.