Adam Runnels Shortform Director

Hi! My name's Adam, and I'm a bipedal mammal from Petal, MS. I love eating crawfish but only when they're dead. I love meeting people but only if they're alive. Mechanical Engineering is my major but Hip-Hop is my destiny. These are some facts about me for you to enjoy in whichever way you see fit.


Longform & Head Director Sam Gibson

Hailing from the friendly city of Petal, MS, sophomore Sam Gibson is the Golden Triangle's answer to "What if Jennifer Lawrence and the concept of fast food had a baby?"


Marcus King Sketch Director

Marcus King 21 meteorologist sophomore/junior kinda (the fact that I'm in school is what's important) a lot of people tell me I'm the funniest one in the troupe but that's pretty easy considering I'm the only funny one here.

Mary Bess!

Technical Director Mary Bess Nicholson

Mary Bess is a freshman at MSU but has lived in the city of Starkville for 7 years. She takes great pride in her Texan roots and will gladly tell anyone who will listen(even those that won't) that Texas is the best state for numerous reasons. She is majoring in horticulture and befriends the bats that live happily in the McComas theatre. Those that know her know she is AVERAGE SIZED- learn it, live it, love it.


Mia Scheider Public Relations

Mia Scheider is 5 feet tall and afraid of most things. She listens almost exclusively to K-Pop and 80's pop and is painfully aware that she is the personification of bad taste in music. She has a passion for painting, performing, and dressing up as anime characters. Her ultimate goal in life is for people to look at her and think, "She probably bleeds pink glitter."


Historian Conner Booth

Once upon a time, there was a little pale boy from the sandy beaches of Gulfport, Mississippi. At eighteen, he was abducted by Lab Rats Comedy, and his improvising career took off. Aside from being considerably handsome, he has a fine expertise in all things Walt Disney related. Conner's list of dislikes ranges from people, places, and things; but he would LOVE for you and your uncle to come to a show!


Mitchell Bentley

There once was a man, named Jim, that loved to cook. He would go to the farmers market every morning to get supplies. One day he found a very interesting fellow. This fellow was none other than John. They both liked rabbits and would often skydive together. That was until they learned of a goat that would yell at them. Anyway... I'm super excited to be in Labrats!


Laurel Marsh

Hey hey hey, my name's Laurel Morgan Miller Marsh. I like Ultimate frisbee, sustainable development research, and apparently improv. I have loose ankles and own a herd of cattle while studying Aerospace Engineering for the third year at MSU. When I'm not chilling with my improv buddies, I enjoy running outside, climbing on rocks, and skipping in creeks and through woods.


Andrew Collins

Clad in Converse sneakers 173 days out of the year, Andrew travels through time and rejuvenates via mozzarella sticks. His journeys have circumnavigated Memphis, Tennessee for the majority of his life but he now resides on the sweet Savannah, Georgia marshes. Equipped exclusively with adorable otter videos, he quests to befriend all organisms and meet Meryl Streep. As indicated by this sentence; playing saxophone, visiting Disney World, and appreciating Earth are some of his favorite things. Andrew dreams of appearing on Doctor Who and he studies clouds!



Robert Loper

Robert- He's a senior in the biomedical engineering stuff. He's from the giant, crowded Tylertown MS. He is working to one day heal all the animals as a veterinarian! "I don't like rats, but there's not much else I don't like. The problem with rats is they have no fear of human beings, they're loaded with foul diseases, they would run the place given half the chance, and I've had them leap out of a lavatory while I've been sitting on it." - David Attenborough


Taylor Bush

Taylor Bush is a real bad dude. He makes bad decisions, gets bad haircuts, and does bad improv. But you know, sometimes, it's okay to be bad, and he hopes you can find some entertainment in him despite his inherent badness.


Luke Lutz

Luke Lutz's bio goes here!


Chris Steere

Chris is hella good at directing shortform, but he sucks at writing his own bio.

Lab Rats Comedy is Mississippi State University's one and only improvisational troupe!

Over 10 years old, Lab Rats Comedy still performs at least one show per month each semester.

You'll laugh, you'll cry (if you laugh hard enough), and you'll be happy all night. Bring all your friends. Or even some of your friends.